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This is a fuselage to suit the Bixler 2 set of wings

It uses my “slip lock” joining system .. if one section gets damaged you only have to re-print and swap that section … NOT  the whole fuselage  

The whole fuselage is printed in "spiral" mode and is designed to finish up with a wall thickness of around 0.75 mm =.

I recommend using LW-PLA to keep it as light as possible

If you decide to print from PLA or PLA+, I would recommend using the xx LONG nose version

The G codes (for both LW-PLA and PLA) are designed to print on a Prusa MK3 but should print on any printer with a minimum bed size of no less than 210 x 210 x 210 .. or larger .. of course

I have included the STL files for anyone wanting to slice the files themselves .. I have also included my Cura settings

 THIS MODEL IS DESIGNED TO BE SLICED ON CURA .. I cannot guarantee it will slice on any other slicer !!

Build information and Build videos are available here ...




Fixler Fuselage .. a 3 D Printed fuselage to suit the ... Bixler 2 wings

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