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Two in One .. High Wing and Low Wing Trainer .. easy to change


2 different wings for different flying styles ..
A straight wing for easy flying and the other is a semi-elliptical wing for sportier flying


Can be printed on a 220 x 220 x 210 printer .. printed in LW-PLA and PLA for the formers and other parts .. 

STLfiles and G-Code files included .. G-Code files may print on your printer 

Wing: 1300mm span with a 210mm chord
Motor I used a Turnigy 536/5 1450kv but it is very much overpowered and a smaller motor would do the job
ESC 50 A
4 x 9 gram servos
2200/3s battery
All up weight with a 2200/3s battery is 1400 grams


Maiden Flight:

Second Flight:

Low Wing Flight:

High Wing Semi Elliptical Wing: 

Forum and build log:

ELVIRA .. 3D Printed .. Progressive Trainer

  • You are purchasing STL and G-Code files

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