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Now switch from"High Wing" to "Low Wing" to "V Tail" to "Staggerwing Bipe"My "Hook Lock" system allows the parts to be switched quickly and easily Designed to be printed in LW-PLA .. supplied with printable G-codes and/or STL filesDesigned to be printed most printers with minimum bed size 220 x 220 x 210z

Wing: 1300mm span with a 210mm chord
Motor I used a Turnigy 536/5 1450kv but it is very much overpowered and a smaller motor would do the job
ESC 50 A
4 x 9 gram servos
2200/3s battery
All up weight with a 2200/3s battery is 1400 grams


Maiden Flight:

Second Flight:

Low Wing Flight:

Staggerwing Flight:

V Tail Flight:

Forum and build log:

ELVIRA .. Staggerwing and V-Tail conversions

  • You are purchasing STL and G-Code files

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