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The POLARIS is probably one on of the most scratch built, kitted and copied RC model airplanes ..

The Polaris thread on RC Groups forum has more than 28,750 posts and more than 4 million views


All parts are printed with LW-PLA .. apart from a few bits which are PLA and I used ABS for the motor mount .. but I would think PET-G would be ok for this


Wing Span: 780 mm
Length: 1060 mm
Motor: Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv
Prop: 6 x 4
ESC: 40amp
4 x HXT 9 gram servos
AU Weight: 1100 grams with 2200/3s battery

Polaris 3DP ... 780 Wing Span .. 3D Print Files

  • You are purchasing ... G-Code and STL files 

  • STL and G-Codes Files are for use by the purchaser only. 
    No sharing, redistributing, or republishing files. 

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