BD-5 Hybrid Pusher Prop .. 1350 Wing Span


The Fuselage is designed to be printed in LW-PLA .. 


STL files are designed to be sliced in Cura


With NEW click together fuselage .. STL and G-Code files


G-Codes are for Prusa i3 MK3 with a print size of 250 x 210 x 210

and should work with any machine with a minimum print size of .. 210 x 210 x 210


3D Printed Fuselage with foam wing and tail assembly 


Build Log and Forum:


Flight Video:

BD5 Hybrid .. 1350 Wing Span

  • Fuselage is 3D Printed and the wings are made from .. Depron, MPF or Dollar Tree Foamboard.

    You are purchasing ... G-Code and STL files for the 3D Printed Fuselage and PDF files for Wings and Tail assembly

  • STL and G-Codes Files are for use by the purchaser only. 
    No sharing, redistributing, or republishing files.