Planes for sale

Once I have built and flown my designs I sell them off to give me the gear back and extra cash to design and build more ... If you are interested in buying any of my models, please contact me. 

Sorry I am only able to sell to anyone who can pick up. 

I normally sell my planes with everything except the ESC and Receiver, but if you would like these left in I can adjust the price accordingly.   

Sea Vixen .. pusher .. inc: motor, servos .. needs ESC and reciever
Cherry Bomber $85
Wing span: 1030mm ... with 70mm EDF
Saab Gripen $80
Wing Span: 690mm .. With Pusher Prop and working Canards
Star-Trek ... Tempest Class $80
Wing Span: 650mm .. 65mm EDF ...
Ding Bat $60
Wing Span: 850mm
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