Hi fellow modellers, and welcome to Lockey's RC Airplane Plans ... Eagle RC Models

Most of my models are designed to be made from 6mm Depron sheet foam but can be modified for

MPF (Model Plane Foam) Paper covered foam board and other forms of 5 to 6 mm sheet foam 

 Included with every set of printable PDF plans you get ...

Links to RC Groups forums with step by step build logs, build information, photos and proof of flight videos

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Fixler Fuselage .. replacement fuselage for the "Bixler 2"
These are free sample files for you to test print on your 3D pinter

BD-5 Hybrid Pusher Prop .. 1350 Wing Span
With NEW click together fuselage .. STL and G-Code files
G-Codes are for Prusa i3 MK3 with a print size of 250 x 210 x 210
and should work with any machine with a minimum print size of .. 210 x 210 x 210 

Coming Soon .. Work in progress
3D Printed Taube (The Dove)
Now with NEW click together fuselage .. STL and G-Code files will be available
See "The Dove" flying ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcD0oLp1BBQ

Coming Soon .. Work in Progress 
Beechcraft Staggerwing Hybrid .. 1300 mm Wing Span
3D Printed fuselage with Depron / Model Plane Foam wings and tail assembly 

My latest builds

Viking EDF Swept Wing 


1100 mm wing span 

The fuselage is designed to take a 70mm EDF but I am sure a good 64mm EDF would power it OK

Viking in either Delta or Swept wing configuration


Delta is 850mm wing span and the swept wing version is 990mm wing span

The fuselage is designed to take up to a 8" prop so lots of different motor options 

As of now, Delta has been tested and flown but Swept wing version hasn't

"Venom-x" is what I have decided to call "my version" of the E-flight Commander ...

A friend of mine has the Commander and it flies so well, I decided to do a "similar" scratch build of the model

Wing span: 1350mm
Length: 1100mm
Weight (without battery) 1300grams
AUW with 2200/3s battery 1500 grams


If there is any interest in this I will add the plans and G-code files to my web site

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Image 151
ME 262
Image 054
Image 108
Sorceress Bipe
Con 2 007
Image 044
aa 020
Image 046
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Image 119
Ding Bat
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BD5 & BD5-J
Building the F22
Staggerwing Bipe
Image 133
DA-43 Bird of Prey
Tiger Moth
Cherry Bomber
d 003
Ding Bat

This one is just FUN, FUN, FUN ... this one flies great and lots of fun

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